Bulldog Opens Up His Present Only To Find A Stuffed Friend Who Looks Just Like Him

I don’t think I’ve ever seen love quite like what a dog feels for his toys.

Pups love to play, so having a soft, squishy, squeaky form of entertainment is their own personal form of heaven.

What’s more is dogs can make a toy out of almost anything; I bet afew of you have dogs that love dragging in sticks from outside to chew on,like this little Frenchie.

But the makeshift fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen dogs make toys out of practically anything, from shoes to pillows to anything that may be in your purse (unfortunately).

Onebig bulldog has found the ultimate new toy to open up and mess around with.

This sweet video opens with him taking something out of a box the dog way of unwrapping a present.

But there’s something special about this big, beautiful gift: It looks exactly like the happy pup!

Now that he has a playmate that is basically his identical twin, this dog couldn’tbe more excited to run around thehouse with it, cuddle it, and likely tear it to shreds.

Check below to see his adorable reaction to his brand-new toy. It will definitely make your day a little brighter.

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