Baby Giggles For The Camera, Then Husky Creeps Up Behind Him And Starts To Howl

I don’t think there is any cuter combination in the world than babies and dogs though they can’t talk, they still seem to be endlessly entertaining with their sweet antics!

Babies are so sweet, giggly, and little, it’s hard not to have your heart instantly warmed when you look at them, but adding a dog into the mix adds even more cuteness.

What’s even more sweet is that babies and canines tend to get along really well. I’m not sure if dogs can sense their sweetness and fragility, but they usually end up being even sweeter when they’re around tiny humans.

Take, for example, this particular baby/dog duo who are being filmed, presumably, by an adoring family member.

The video begins with the baby smiling and giggling for the camera, but then the big husky bounds over behind him to be in the shot.

Since doggies tend to be scene stealers, he begins to howl for the camera, right over the baby’s big, bald head.

The look on the baby’s face upon hearing the howl can only be described as one of sheer shock and awe; since he’s still trying to figure out the world, a bunch of big dog howls would most likely rock his tiny world.

Check out his hilarious reaction to the big howling dog below it’ll give you a bit of a giggle before you get back to your day.

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