Piglet Rescued From A Cage Finds An Unlikely Best Friend In His New Home

Seeing unlikely pairs of animals becoming the best of friends is a great sight to see.

Animals have no prejudice, and they seem to have close friendships with anyone they interact with, from humansto any other species. Their love knows no limits!

These two little guys are adorable enough on their own, but when they’re together? They look like the cutest pair in the world.

I think that dogs pairing up with unexpected animals is the best because most of us can see our own little pet pups doing the same thing.

My boxer dogused to walk up to just about any other animal, and just want to sniff it and jump around waiting for them to join in to play! But sometimes, the hair on her back would rise up, and I would have to abort the friendship attempt.

It seems like this little pup and this abandoned baby piglet met at just the right time. One needing a home and the other needing a friend, they found all they needed in each other.

Watching them interact is so adorable, I’m definitely sending this to my mom to gush over!

This reminded me of that beautiful bond between the deer and the dog.It’s just so fascinating to watch animals interact and learn to trust each other.

Check out these buddies on their Instagram accounts, and help keep pigs safe by donating to their GoFundMe!

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