While Searching Through Rubble Days After A Building Collapse, Emergency Responders Hear Barking

On Friday, December 2, an apartment building in Sioux Falls, SD collapsed. The building was going through major renovations, and apparently it just wasn’t able to handle the physical changes.

As soon as the building collapsed, the Sioux Falls Fire Department was immediately on the scene. They asked people in the area to reroute and avoid coming near the collapse so that emergency crews could work uninterrupted.

Because people were living in the apartment building during renovations, emergency workers tries to rescue as many people as possible they worked as quickly as they could, andwere able to save a young woman, Emily Fodness, from the rubble.

As Emily was rescued, she was disoriented and confused, but she realized that her dog, Molly, had been with her in the building before the collapse. They had already found a husky puppy, but Emily was worried that Molly, her beagle, hadn’t made it.

Hours went by and there was still no sign of Molly. Search and rescue teams continued working as night fell, illuminating the site with work lights. As the night of December 2 came to a close, there was still no sign of Molly.

A construction worker’s body had been recovered from the debris, so Emily feared that her dog’s body would be the next to be found.

On December 4, two days after the building collapsed, emergency manager Regan Smith was on the site’s premises. Then he heard barking.

He followed the sound and found Molly huddling beneath a mattress.Somehow, two full days after the collapse, Molly was able to walk away from the scene completely healthy. She visited a vet, who reported that she was absolutely fine.

Emily and her family were overcome with joy at the sight of Molly, who gave them hope during a time of despair.

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