Unexpected Passengers: 10 Surprising Creatures Folks Have Spotted On Their Flights

When my roommate moved back home to Texas earlier this year,I was sad to see not only her face leaving our apartment, but also her sweet cat that I’d grown pretty attached to over the years. Of course, she was worried about how the little fella would handle flying halfway across the country, but she later told me that he was perfectly well-behaved the whole time.

But looking at the critters other folks have seen while traveling makes spying an ordinary cat seem like small potatoes. Whether it’s someone joined by their adorable and unique therapy or service animal, or an unwelcoming surprise appearance by a creepy crawly while in the air, you definitely never expect to lay eyes on most of these creatures.

And in the case of the service animals, they may be surprising to see on a plane, but they certainly are cute!

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1. Turkey


An Imgur user who goes by biggestlittlepickle shared this image sent by his flight attendant neighbor, who spotted auniquetherapy animalhappily seated on a flight earlier this year.

2. Bat


Passengers were certainly startled when one of these nocturnal animalssnuck onto their flightfrom Wisconsin to Atlanta and started hovering over their heads in 2011.

3. Monkey


After successfully traveling with their emotional support animal from Columbus, OH, to Las Vegas, one passenger refused to provide the proper paperwork for their return flight and attempted to sneak their monkey onto the plane by hiding the fuzzy friend under their shirt earlier this year.

4. Mouse


A Norwegian airshuttlewas delayed on its way to New York City back in 2014 because one single mouse was found scurrying around the cockpit.

5. Pig


Virgin IslandsresidentMegan Peabody wouldn’t dream of taking a vacation without her precious pot-bellied pig, Hamlet, but she definitely turned some heads when they went waltzing through the airport and took their seats on the flight to Miami back in early 2016.

6. Mini-Horse


These petite equestrians have recently been trainedas guide animals for those with vision impairments like Dan Shaw. And while his mini-horse, Cuddles, is an incredible friend and assistant,Shaw was likely embarrassed while flying on his way to appear onThe Oprah Winfrey Showwhen the small fry decided to go #2 in midairback in 2003.

7. Bees


Passengers at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport were evacuated in the fall of 2015 when about 1,000 buzzing bees were discovered inside their airliner’s wing before taking off on their way to Germany.

8. Maggots


When one passenger decided to pack spoiled meat in their carry-on bag, their fellow flyers were none too happy to see these nasty critters falling from the overhead compartment before they could even take off on their flight from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC, back in 2010.

9. Snake


Samuel L. Jackson famously starred in a film based on this very idea, but luckily it was just the one snake found slithering recently on a flightfrom Torreon, Mexico to Mexico City. The snake was able to be removed by animal control after a quick emergency landing.

10. Kangaroo


Obviously, these hoppy marsupials are a rare find, but if someone has the proper paperwork citing their ‘roo as a service animal, you might be like the American passengers who found themselves sharing the sky with this adorable little guy.

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