This Heartbreaking Video Shows You Just What Testing On Animals Is Really Like

In France, a shocking video was recently shot in the Alfort National Veterinary School. There, generations of dogs have been bred to have painful and debilitating diseases, all in the name of “research.”

The studies are funded by AFM-Téléthon with the goal of finding a cure for muscular dystrophy in humans. Golden retrievers, beagles, and other breeds are locked in cages, and, as the disease progresses, struggle to eat, walk, and breathe. Most are completely crippled within six months, and nearly half die before they are a year old. Those that do survive suffer from heart conditions.

Sadly, even employees of the veterinary school know how wrong the practice is. One can be heard saying, “I wouldn’t like to be in the beagle’s place. The suffering is real.” Later, an administrator admits that they would lose funding if the public knew what they were doing.

After seeing the eyewitness video for myself, I hope that’s true.

Watching the attention-starved dogs struggle to walk, eat, and breathe is incredibly hard. However, until there is more awareness about the issue, more dogs will continue to suffer.

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