Man Fails To Rescue Beagle Stranded On Edge Of Cliff, Then Shes Spotted At Home The Next Day

Having adog run away is a tragic experience forany pet owner. But imagine seeing your poor animal stranded on the side of an enormous, frozen cliff. For Mary the beagle’s owner, this was a reality.

According to Fox 13, Mary had run away from homeand her owner “contacted a Utah County Search and Rescue climber who happened to be his neighbor. The next day, a team of climbers went up the 800 to 900 steep mountain side to try to bring Mary back home safely.”

Mary’s owner asked rescue climber Shaun Roundy to help. He and his team scaled up the snowcapped mountain, looking for the small beagle everywhere.

As they climbed higher, they all found themselves closer to Mary, who was trapped in an unimaginably small space on the side of a cliff.

There was kind of a ledge maybe about a foot, foot-and-a half then virtually nothing that the dog kept going back and forth on,Shaun explained.

He slowly approached the beagle by himself, trying to wrap his fingers under her collar and pull her closer to him. Unfortunately, when Shaun reached out, a frightened Mary jumped back!

The whole time going into it, we thought thisdog has been freezing overnight coldest night of the year it’s going to be really happy to get some food and someone welcoming you, that’s when we found out how skittish it was,” Shaun saysin the video below.

According to her owner, she hasbeen abused in the past, which explains howscared she was of her rescuers, whom she saw as complete strangers and possibly a threat.

After hours of trying to lure Mary over to them, the rescue team had to return to the ground, but not before leaving the beagle a tin of sardines, a granola bar, and some beef jerky so she wouldn’t starve overnight.

Although the team wasn’t successful in their attempt to save little Mary, she had other plans. Mary made her way down the tall mountain the next day all by herself. No matter how she got down, we are just glad that Mary the beagle ishome once more.

See the extraordinary footage in the video below!

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