Dog fight: Pit bull owner sues family for $1M dollars after her dogs killed their beagle

A Texas pet owner whose four dogs killed her neighbor's beagle is now suing the victim’s family for a million dollars.

The Baker’s 10-year-old dog, Bailey was in their backyard on October 27th when Emerald White’s four pit bulls broke into their backyard and attacked their puppy.

When Tiffany Baker’s daughter heard their four legged family member barking they couldn’t believe their eyes.

White’s four pit bulls gruesomely attacked the beagle killing him in their backyard.

White says she intervened when the dogs were fighting, but claims she was attacked by little Bailey.

White says her dogs were just defending their owner.

Since the incident, White says she suffered serious injuries and is forever dramatized from the dog attack.

Her attorney says one million dollars is enough to cover the price of being attacked by the animal.

White has since moved from the home, but will not drop the lawsuit.

The Baker’s say suing White will not bring back their little Bailey, but are outraged by the amount of money that she is trying to receive.


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