Dad captures his son and dog’s sweet friendship every month over 2 years

Such poise!

Photographer Timothy Jones’ ceaseless quest to document his two great loves his son, Stan, and his beagle, Jasper, is like a perfect storm of cuteness: It’s got it all.

Cute baby? Check. Adorable dog content? Check. Photography designed to highlight slow changes over time, a la those “selfie a day” videos? Check.

Jones takes a one adorable photo per month of his son and his pupper, and has done so for over two years now. The results are obviously adorable.

Stan’s rapid growth over that time is almost eerie. How do babies grow so big, so damn fast?

But don’t worry, your ensuing worry about your own mortality will be offset by the world’s cutest and most regal beagle.

Check out some choice highlights from the series below.

Early beginnings.

Image: timothy jones

Those cheeks!

Image: timothy jones

They learn to pose so fast…

Image: timothy jones

Meanwhile, Jasper hasn’t aged a day.

Image: timothy jones

Time marches on.

Image: timothy jones

BFFs forever.


What did we tell you? Adorable.

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