9 Poor Beagles Spent Their Whole Lives Imprisoned In Lab, Then See Daylight For The First Time

A pair of hopeless eyes peer through the brushed, gunmetal bars of a storage cage at a research lab in Nevada.

Nine beagles who spent their entire lives in these dark confines have finally been rescued by members ofthe Beagle Freedom Project. They are seeing daylight for the first time in their lives.

Initially, the frightened dogs had difficulty trusting the rescuers, but they were finally comfortable enough to step out of their safe space and explore the unknown.

As their feet touch the green grass of the shelter for the first time, intrigue and fear mingle in their minds.

But it doesn’t take them long to relax into their new home. The inner playfulness, suppressed for so long, is unleashed.

Running and nudging their playmates, they are slowly adjusting to their new lives, growing more trusting of humans and enjoying the freedom they deserve.

Scroll down to take a closer look into these dogs’ incredible journey…

Rumble / Rumblestaff

With the only human interaction being with researchers, who forcefully dragged them out to perform horrific procedures in the name of science, the timid dogs cowered at the back of the cages, their only known sanctuary, while rescuers patiently coaxed them out.

Rumble / Rumblestaff

For the first time in their lives, they weren’t a number anymore. Each puppy was given a name and an ID chip.

Rumble / Rumblestaff

They then were exposed to green grass for the first time. Volunteers helped them become more comfortable with the environment (and humans) by holding out hands filled with food.

Trust slowly blossomed and they grew friendlier with the volunteers, basking in the gentle pats and affectionate ear scratches.

Rumble / Rumblestaff

Though they’ve gained confidence to enjoy their new freedom, the tight space of a crate may always be a safety zone for them.

More and more test animals are being saved by the organization and looking for new homes. If you are an animal lover and want to put an end to animal testing, share this video and help continue to spread awareness.

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