This Cute Wrinkly Dog Sniffs Out Tiny Tortoise, But The Little Guy Teaches Him A Good Lesson

Turtles and tortoises are certainly a few of the silliest-looking animals.

Comfortably sealed in their shells, they creak along awkwardly, apparently either fleeing from something or searching for a morsel to chew on.

However that does not imply that other animals should not take them seriously.

They might be a bit shaky however their shells produce a terrific defense mechanism.

They’re all not that sluggish when they actually desire something, simply take a look at this determined tortoise tear across the kitchen area in hot pursuit of his huge purple ball.

One tortoise, in specific, taught a wrinkly little pet dog that they’re not to be tinkered with in the video through the link below.

The clip begins with the dark pug sniffing his nose around his flaky good friend.

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