Sweet 3-Year-Old Dog Is Abused By Owners, Then An Angel Transforms Him Into A Security Agent

Why anyone would ever abuse a dog is beyond me. I adopted a sweet puppy from a shelter last summer, and even when she does something bad (like pee all over the couch), I can barely bring myself to raise my voice at her.

I understand that we were all raised differently, and for some people yelling and aggression comes more naturally.

I’ve met plenty of people who scream and stomp their feet when they’re angry, but there’s a difference between taking out your aggression by loudly expressing your anger, and taking out your aggression by becoming violent toward a harmless animal.

Murray, a sweet three-year-old beagle, was horribly abused and neglected by his owners. When rescuers found him, he was badly injured his paw was bloody and he was missing half of one of his ears.

The abuseddog was so badly injured that he couldn’t be put up for adoption. His situation looked bleak, but then a kind woman offered to foster Murray.

The woman, Claudette Towe, took him in and brought him through socialization training, which helped him become less fearful of people.

After that, U.S. Customs Agents found out about Murray and decided to take him under their wing. They trained Murray to become an agricultural specialist sniffing out illegal animals, fruits, and vegetables that people might try to bring into the country.

This previously abused dog has definitely had his life turned around for him, now he even goes by Officer Murray!

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