Pug Hears Wham! Playing On The TV And Busts Out Some Hysterical Dance Moves On Camera

There are certain songs that we can’t help but dance to. For this adorable pug, it’s “Jitterbug/Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by WHAM!.

The small dog realized that the hit song was playing in a music video on the TV right above him. He studied the beat and got right to it.

He was sitting on the floor, butt down, like a human would. He pushed his body forward and backward to the beat of the song.

The little guy wiggled his body back and forth with his forelegs dangling around. The cheerful pug started inching around in a circle on the floor as his owner filmed it all.

Suddenly, a much larger dog popped into the frame. He was watching the little pug dancing and enjoying himself. The dog walked over to investigate his pug friend’s strange dance moves. Once the pug saw his friend approaching, he stopped dancing completely.

The large dog wasn’t sure what to make of the dancing, but left his pug pal alone and walked to the other side of the room.

Once he was gone, the pug continued swaying around with his one-of-a-kinddancing skills.

In the end, the pug kept dancing to WHAM! and didn’t care who was watching anymore.

To see his signature moves, check out the funny video below and please don’t forget toSHARE this video with all the pug lovers you know. They’ll love it!

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