Monster Dumps Injured Puppy At Shelter Doorstep Then Rescuers Realize Shes Unconscious

When a customer walked into the West Pennsylvania Humane Society, rescuers were shocked to hear about the “sad little bundle” that was just outside the shelter’s door.

Rescuers rushed out and found a tiny, 11-month-old Yorkshire Terrier. She wasn’t moving, so they took her in to examine her.

They were utterly horrified by her state: not only did they discover that the sweet Yorkie, which they named Laney, had two broken legs, but she was also barely conscious.The customer then told rescuers that a car sped off after the dog was dumpedon the doorstep.

This troubled the rescuers, who still can’t understand why anyone would treat such a sweet pup that way. They are guessing, after reviewing security footage, that Laney’s owner took her to the vet after her injuries. The vet had sedated her to examine her legsand then told the owner what the cost would be to help her heal. He or she must have decided that the cost wasn’t affordable, and decided to leave her at the Humane Society.

Laney is now recovering with two casts on her legs. She has a long road ahead of her, but her rescuers are confident that she will come out of the ordeal to become a happy and healthy dog again!

Police are working to identify Laney’s former owner.

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