She Didnt Know Who Was in the Shower, Who She Found is Hysterical!

I think one thing we can all agree on is that there’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing shower when you feel dirty.

Maybe you’ve been at work all day, or maybe you’ve been outside enjoying the weather; regardless of why, letting that cool/warm water wash away the day’s grief just has a simple euphoria to it that can’t be beat. What may come to surprise you however is that humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy this simple pleasure!

Meet Lena the Rottweiler, a dog that knows how she likes to relax. When her mother heard the shower running she grabbed her camera and started recording, only to discover her dog had gotten in the shower! If anything this should go to show how smart dogs really are, and how different each one can be – my dog would never want to be in the shower…

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