It's Pit Bull VS Rottweiler in another epic battle of bite force! Who will win? Who has the most powerful jaws? Some say it is the Guard dog Rottweiler with the massive 345 lb bite pressure…While others insist it's the "lock Jaw" power of the the fighting dog Pit Bull…Neither dog will to let go or release, so see who wins the tug of war!…BIG Brutus Maximus playing at the off leash beach when a Pit shows up and loves to play tug of war with sticks. Brutus had been playing and swimming for at least an hour and was tired and not very interested, but somehow I talked him into it. Hank was antagonizing him and bugging him trying to ruin it being the brat lil brother to poor Brutus, but in the end, Brutus drags the Pit Bull into the ocean. My camera storage was full so it cuts out, but the owner, the girl, was getting worried Brute was going to drown the Pit, so she starts calling him off and telling her dog to let go, but Brute being the big softy he is, listened first and let go as the Pit was a lil anxious…Brutus Maximus for the win!

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