Heroic Stray Pit Bull Saves A Stranger From Being Stabbed On The Streets

Sometimes the bravest and most selfless acts are from the most unexpectedbeings.

Whether it’s the tough-looking burly man saving the abused bird, or the rottweilerbecoming friends with the mellow cows… we too often judge before we find out what is below the surface.

This dog is a stray, who could have so easily become bitter,defensive, and isolated. But he didn’t.

This dog deserves the title of a hero in many more ways than one, if you ask me; animalshardly everget enough credit for their incredible, loving hearts.

And this pupclearly has a big heart even with all of his misfortune. Hecameto the defense of a complete stranger in danger, instead of becoming that defensive homeless pup that we sometimes find wandering.

When hesaw a woman and man in an altercation on the streets, he jumped in the middle to try to stopthe very violent man attacking her.

Little did this brave pit know, the man had a weapon on him…

He survives this horrible attack, but his recovery will not be simple.

But I’m confident he’ll find a home, because he deserves one.

As he waits for a family, he’s been givenwell-deserved new name, Hero.


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