Their Rooster Was Afraid to go to the Coop at Night, When They Found Out Why They Were Shocked!

Apricot Lane Farms has quite a peculiar little rooster living with them, one that was absolutely terrified of staying in the coop at night.

Every other rooster would make their way inside, but for some reason the one they named Poodle Roo would stick out in the open field instead, but they just couldn’t understand why. For months this continued on until the family decided to try putting him inside the coop after night had already fallen, hopefully increasing his chances at being accepted by the rest. That’s when things went horribly wrong.

In order to document everything the farm decided to hire filmmaker John Chester to record Poodle Roo, and he really captured the whole process beautifully, enough to be featured on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday”. Wait until you see what this brave little rooster has managed to do, even after knocking on death’s door, you’ll be amazed!

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