No One Wanted To Be Friends With An Eyeless Senior Dog, Until A Tiny Rescue Dog Grabbed His Leash

We’ve all been in need of some help from our friends and family before. No matter how prideful we might be, or how embarrassing it might feel to ask for assistance, eventually there will come a time when you’ll just need some help from a loved one, even if it’s for a short period of time!

So when Hoshi the American Eskimo dog began to lose his eyesight at age 11, his humans were understandably concerned.

Hoshi had been able to see his whole life, so adjusting to a life of darkness must have been quite scary for his humans to wrap their minds around.

But as if by fate, Hoshi’s parents had adopted another little dog, a Pomeranian named Zen, about six months before Hoshi’s big operation. Zen began to realize that Hoshi was going blind, and soon enough Zen began to lead the way for her blind buddy!

Make sure to scroll through the photos below to watch some of their silly adventures together!

Hoshi might be blind, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still live a fulfilling and exciting life!

Just months before he had to have his eyes surgically removed due to glaucoma, Hoshi got the chance to meet his new best friend in the whole world… Zen!

Young and old, whoever is lucky enough to encounter this inseparable duo has to get their photo taken with them. And even though Hoshi can’t see his own photos, he almost always seems to know where to look to make for an interesting photo!

In fact, the two dogs are getting so popular on the internet that they now havea huge amount of fans. People love to draw their own pictures of the two, and when you see all of the talent that’s out there in the world, you’ll easily understand why so many people are inspired by this special friendship!

These two dogs haven’t even known each other for very long. But Zen seems to understand that Hoshi needs help, he can’t see by himself, and without any assistance he would be in a very bad place.

Zen and Hoshi are perfect examples of what it means to respect your elders! Hoshi is 11, and Zen is much younger! It seems in the dog world they know what the word “respect” really means!

After a long day of playing outside, these two best friends always snuggle up together. Hoshi might be blind, but it’s great to know that he’ll never be alone, and he has his humans and little Zen to thank for that gift!

Make sure to watch the adorable video below of Zen acting as Hoshi’s seeing eye dog!


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