Camera Catches Dog Sneezing, But It Doesnt Sound Like Its Coming From Him

Sometimes the only thing you need to laugh is to watch a video of a tiny dog sneezing.

Roux is an adorable 4-year-old Pomeranian that has gained internet attention, all because he has a strange sneeze that does not sound like it belongs to a dog!

His sneeze doesn’t even sound like a sneeze at all but instead sounds like a car that is having trouble starting.

The little dog lives with his humans, Jake and Laura Kulbeth in Lafayette, Louisiana. The cause for his strange sneeze is allergies, so hopefully, his little nose is feeling okay!

Based on watching this video, the strange sneeze doesn’t bother Roux at all. After he sneezes, he goes back to lounging around like it is no big deal.

Do your animals sneeze? If so, does it sound anything like this? I’ve never heard an animal make a sound that is anything close to this before! I had to watch this video twice to believe this dog was actually sneezing.

Apparently, a dog sneezing like this is not as rare as you might think, as you’ll see in this video, a Husky seems to get hit with a huge sneezing fit that you can’t helpful but laugh at!

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