Two Huge Dogs Show Off Their Gentle Side By Playing With Fluffy Little Ducklings

‘Tis the season, folks, to see all sorts of little ones out in the wild. If you’re out on the roads in a rural community, you better keep your eyes out for little critters crossing!

Just this past weekend, I spotted a flock of little ducklings following their mama in my parent’s wetlands while I was walking up the driveway. It was such a precious sight to see the fluffy gray mallard ducklings trailingbehind their mother as baby ducks are wont to do. Nature is full of wonderful surprises, and I was so lucky to have stumbled upon this precious sight.

When two huge pups, Mr. Big the Great Dane and Argus the English mastiff, meet two little yellow ducklings? They aren’t afraid to get up close and personal.

You might worry that these hulking canines might hurt the babies, but once you see how sweet they are together, all of those reservations will disappear in an instant. To dogs, size doesn’t mean much, as we’ve all seen many times before. All any dog ever wants, big or small, is to make friends with whoever’s near them. It doesn’t even matter if the potential friend is just a fraction of the size of their own head, as these ducklings are to these massive pups.

Just watch as Mr. Big goes in for a kiss… too cute!


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