Family Is Convinced Their 260-Pound Mastiff Is The Largest Dog In The World

With the title of the world’s largest dog up for grabs, Rocko the Great Dane has some competition! Rocko is 160 pounds, but his competition is a full 100 pounds heavier than he is!

Meet Krue, the 260-pound mastiff. Alone, he mightlook like a normal-size dog, but when you compare him to other beings say, his humans or other dogs that’s when you realize just how massive he is.

Krue does everything other dogs do, like snuggling with his owners or posing for pictures with them, but that’s when some special accommodations have to be made. Look at him lying on the sofa he’s almost crushing the person next to him!

The pup’s owner says that it was only at 7 months old that they realized that he was going to be a big fellow. At that age, he was already able to drink from the kitchen sink! Now, he has a 32-inch neck and can stand at 8 feet and 2 inches tall though his hind legs are too weak to support his weight.

Regardless of size, this pup is the gentlest giant. He may be a contender for the title of the largest dog in the world, but it looks like he likes nothing more than to lounge around!

If you’ve never seen a bigger dog than Krue,

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