8 Unexpected Benefits Of Giving A Mutt A Forever Home

If you share your life with a dog, you already know how special and precious they are; every single dog makes our lives just a little bit richer!

But if you’re thinking about getting a dog for the very first time, or you’re planning to get another dog, there are lots of important considerations to make.

Every dog can make your life happier, and every dog will tell you how much he loves you with every wag of his tail and slobbery puppy-dog kiss, but there are some dogs that need our help just a little bit more than others.

Take, for example, the millions and millions of mutts living right now in shelters all over the country, just hoping for their forever home.

Purebred dogs that fall into the parameters of organizations like the AKC have a much better shot at finding a happy home quickly, which is why we should allgives the mutts and strays and rescues of the world a chance every dogs needs a loving home!

Scroll through the gallery below to learn a few of the benefits of welcoming a mutt into your home!

#1: They Live A Long Time


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Some folks worry that adopting a dog without knowing his heritagemeans that he could have unknown health problems in his background.

Technically, that’s always a possibility, but on average, dogs with a mixed heritage tend to run excellent odds of having a good long life.

The average mutt lives to be between 10 and 13 years old plenty of time to growup alongside their very favorite child, and have a long and happy life with a forever family.

Plus, the average may be 10-13 years, but there are an estimated 250 million mutts in the world, which is a pretty big sample size, so there are plenty of dogs out there who live much longer.

#2: Theyre Exceptionally Healthy


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Some purebred dogs, especially smaller dogs, do have longer life expectancies than the typicalmutt, but mixes are, on average, healthier.

That’s because one of the defining traits of creating a dog breed involves breeding dogs that share lots of the same physical characteristics.

Over time, the genetic variationof any given “pure” breed grows smaller, so dogs begin to display inbreeding health problems.

Mutts, on the other hand, practicallydefine genetic variation; they have so much input from so many different kinds of dogs that they are much less likely to develop congenital problems like hip dysplasia, which affects German shepherds, or deafness, which is common inDalmatians.

#3: Theyre Unique


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One of the qualities that makes mutts so special? No two look alike!

When a wide variety of different genetics go into the background of one dog, you never know exactly how they’ll end up looking.

For example, a dog with heritage from a Labradorretriever, and a chow chow might look like a lab but have softer fur and a blue tongue like a chow you simply never know!

This is even true of litter-mates; two dogs might have the same mother and father, but be born with totally differentcoloring, fur texture, and even size.

#4: They Adore You


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Now, to be honest, this isn’t a quality that only mutts have;any rescue dog you adopt will love you to the moon and back!

It doesn’t matter if you rescue a puppy mill purebred who couldn’t find a home, or a mix of no discernible breed; any dog that you take out of a scary situation and bring into a loving home will do just about anything that you ask.

That’s why, even if you aren’t sold on the idea of a mutt, it’s always a good idea to adopt, not shop there are so many dogs in shelters (of every breed imaginable) who would love to give you a million “thank you” kisses for saving their life!

#5: Theyre Full Of Surprises


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If you like being surprised, you definitely want to open your home to a mutt!

Typically, pure-breeds come with all sorts of traits bred into them, like a love for swimming or an excellent tracker’s nose.

With a mutt, you never know what fascinating skills your dog will develop with age; maybe she has a nose that can sniff out the first sign of bedbugs, or an incredible knack for herding!

#6: You Might Be Saving A Life


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When you adopt a mutt, there’s a very good chance that you’re saving a life!

Pure-bred dogs, even the ones that end up in shelters, get adopted faster than mutts because they’re seen as more desirable.

But that scrappy soulful little mix at the pound probably isn’t long for this world without a rescue.

It’s also worth noting that, even if you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you’re saving a life because you’re making room for another dog to be brought in from a high-euthanasia pound or another similarly-bad situation.

#7: You Can Afford To Pamper Them


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Mutts are much,much cheaper than purebreds, especially because they’re seen as less desirable than their pure-bred peers.

The average shelter will charge you somewhere between $200 and $400 to adopt a mutt,sometimes less for a senior dog.

A purebred puppy on the other hand, especially one that could be used as a show-dog, might sell for thousands and thousands of dollars.

If you bring home a healthy mix for a couple hundred dollars, and factor in the fact that she’s healthier and won’t need many vet visits, you’ll have a whole heap of leftover cash to buy her every squeaky toy and tasty bone her heart desires!

#8: Its A Privilege To Be Chosen By A Mutt


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If you go to a high caliber, no-kill shelter to adopt your new best friend, it’s likely that you’ll go through an extensive screening process before you’re allowed to take your pup home; they’ll want to make sure you are completely ready to care for a dog.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of dogs in shelters have pasts that they’d rather not think about; when they decide they love you, you’ll know they’re choosing to trust you with their whole heart, despite having been hurt in the past. That’s a true honor and privilege.

Would you ever consider adopting a mutt? Check out the ASPCA to look for a shelter in your area!

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