Woman Stages Maternity Photo Shoot The Only Thing Is Shes Not Actually Pregnant

The popular playground song goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in ababy carriage.” However, in reality not all couples adhere to the same timeline, or even the same order the rhyme suggests.

One such couple is Carrie and Nic Jansen from Iowa, who have been happily married for three years but have yet to pop out any babies.

Having been married for three years, it’s no surprise that family and friends are curious about when the “baby in a baby carriage” portion is going to happen.

In fact, Carrie is bothered about it so much she decided to do something a little drastic, and it doesn’t involve a baby at all at least not a human baby.

Carrie decided to hold a maternity photo shoot and recruited her big sister to snap the photos. She posted them to Imgur on December 14.

As you can see, her baby bump looks a little bit… unusual. And that’s because it’s not a baby at all.

Carrie hid the couple’s new golden retriever puppy, Leelu, under her shirt to create the illusion.

“My husband and I have been married 3 years and everyone is bugging us about having a baby,” she wrote. “Close enough right?”

If you look at the first picture closely, you’ll even notice that the tape measure isn’t a tape measure at all. It’s actually Leelu’s collar!

Carrie and Nic are happily married, but told the Huffington Postthat they don’t intend to have kids at all. Looks like Leelu is enough for this happy couple!

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