Woman Brings Home Birthday Balloon, Then Records Her Puppys Adorable Reaction

A little golden retriever puppy named Finley was sitting on his owner’s living room floor one day with a bright, colorful birthday balloon floating in front of him.

Once he approached it, he had the most hilarious reaction.

In the video below, posted on January 31, 2017, Finleyjust stares at it and looks around for a while. It is almost as if he’swondering, “What is this all about?”

Suddenly, his owner yells for him to, “Go get it!”

Finley doesn’t move a muscle and stares down the foil birthday balloon. “Come on bud, go get it,” his owner keeps encouraging.

Eventually, Finley rises from the carpet and circles the balloon, investigating every inch of it.

Pushing the balloon into a weird position on the ground, the curious pup keeps poking at it. When it quickly pops back up, he dashes far away from it.

Soon, it becomes an adorable battle between the golden retriever and the birthday balloon even though Finley is the only one fighting.

Believe it or not, thisis only the beginning of Finley’s hysterical reaction.

To see the rest of the golden retriever’s interaction with his owner’s balloon, check out the video below and have agood laugh.

Has your dog ever had a similar reaction to a regular object? Let us know in the comments below and pleaseSHARE Finley’s first encounter with a birthday balloon with all your favorite dog lovers!

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