No One Would Hire Vet And His Service Dog, Then Lowes Hands Them 2 Red Vests

When retired Air Force veteran Clay Luthy walked into his job interview at Lowe’s, he first introduced his interviewer to Charlotte, the golden retriever who stayed by his side.

Charlotte is a service dog, providing Luthy with the support he needs. Unfortunately, many employers didn’t see her as a dog providing a necessary service, but rather as a potential problem, leaving Luthy with a hard time finding employment.

Luckily, Jay Fellers the human resources manager at the North Abilene, Texas, branch of Lowe’s didn’t see Charlotte like that.

“We didn’t realize [Luthy] was having a difficult time finding a job,” Fellers says. “He applied here and went through the normal interview process, and brought Charlotte in as part of the interview. He told us about Charlotte, and how she supports him. He ended up being our top candidate.”

Soon, Luthy had the job and so did Charlotte. She was even outfitted with a matching red Lowe’s vest to show that she was part of the customer service team.

Today, Luthy and Charlotte are working hard at their job, helping customers find what they need.

This isn’t the first time Lowe’s has hired a service dog alongside a human employee, and Fellers has made it clear that, at least in his branch, there’s no indication of the trend stopping when it comes to qualified candidates.

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Retired Air Force veteran Clay Luthy and his service dog, Charlotte, were spotted at the Lowe’s in Abilene by shopper Judy Dechert Rose.

She posted the image to Facebook, stating, “I love Abilene Lowes, way to go! This is a disabled vet who struggled to get a job because he needs his service dog! Lowes hired them BOTH!!

Charlotte provides Luthy with the support he needs to navigate his day and manage stresses.

Work can be a stressful place, and so Lowe’s saw no reason to keep Charlotte from him on the job.

Other employers, however, weren’t so understanding, and as a result, Luthy had a difficult time finding employment before coming to Lowe’s.

After an interview, at which Charlotte was present to show off her good behavior, Luthy was considered the top candidate.

And soon, he was sporting a red Lowe’s vest and Charlotte was, too.

Many employers saw having a dog on site as a potential hassle, or even as a problem, and so denied Luthy a job.

Luthy, however, refused to go anywhere without Charlotte.

Luthy and Charlotte go everywhere together, and Lowe’s understood that they came as a package, and that having a service dog was a health need for Luthy.

He also loves to spend time with this other dogs and his family.

And as for Charlotte, she’s a great employee, too, and very popular with the customers.

“If someone is a good worker, it shouldn’t matter if they have a service dog,” Fellers says. “But in our case, it’s been an absolute benefit to have Charlotte around. She’s a hit with the folks who come around our store, especially the kids. Our customers really love and appreciate her. It’s been a good time having them as part of out staff.”

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