Herd Of Golden Retriever Puppies Frolic In Yard, But Then The Sprinkler System Turns On

Is there anything cuter than a tiny, fluffy golden retriever puppy?

These littledoggies are the epitome of adorable they’re cuddly, they’re full of energy and have these big puppy paws that you just want to squeeze.

They also are so incredibly loving and loyal like this group of pups are to this little girl; they’re willing to snuggle with you as much as you are with them.

They’re so cute, in fact, that the only thing I can think for that would be cute than a golden puppy is MULTIPLE golden puppies.

Well, the video below has these fluffy babies in abundance; there are so many that they take over an entire yard.

With so many adorable furry bodies (21 to be exact) in one small space there are bound to be shenanigans in some way shape or form.

And there were, in the form of a surprise sprinkler that popped up in the middle of the puppies’ playtime.

But they definitely didn’t let this impede them in anyway, in fact they were thrilled to get soaking wet while waddling through the water.

So let’s do the math here: a gaggle of the most adorable dogs you’ve ever seen, plus a sudden sprinkler system definitely equals an adorable little video.

Check it out down below, it will make you want to find your nearest open field and flood it with furry dog friends.

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