Crow Creeps Up To German Shepherd And His Ball, But Then Dog Opens His Mouth Wide

Animals have formed the most unlikely friendships it doesn’t matter if the two look completely different or have claws, teeth, ortalons.

These interspecies friendships span far past cats and dogs; so many different animals become friends, like farm animals and birds, different types of rodents, and even exotic animals.

As long as they have a playmate, they’ll find a common way to bond, whether it’s playing, cuddling, or just relaxing on the porch together,like this dog and duck.

This particular unusual animal duo an elderly German shepherdand a crow found a way to bond over playing fetch!

There’s more to this duo than meets the eye: The dog’s owner actually discovered the crow as a baby helpless and abandoned in the woods.

So he brought it home to raise it and it quickly grew fond of its canine companion.

The two have apparently taken to each other so well that they partake in the same playtime activities, like playing fetch in the backyard.

How does this happen between a four-legged dog and a flying crow? You’ll have to watch and see the two in action, it’s certainly an interesting sight.

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