Woman Hears Whining Coming From Hole, So Worker Sticks His Arm In And Says Come On, Baby!

A Tuesday morning in Hannibal, Illinois, was the setting for the heartwarming rescue of a dachshund named Ginger.

Ginger, a curious pup, ran down a groundhog hole on Monday night.

Her owners, Amanda Rhodesand her husband, tried frantically to get her to come back out. But before long it was time for them to go to work in the morning, and still, Ginger was trapped inside.

The hole was directly beneath the Rhodes property.

Chris Redmond, Amanda’s sister-in-law, who on March 21 recorded the video you’re about to see, could still hear the dachshund whining from the hole.

She quickly contacted the proper authorities. Before long, Department of Public Works Superintendent Brian Chaplin arrived and approved city workers to break open the sidewalk.

Brian himself got down on his knees and with his bare hands dug through the exposed dirt, yelling “Come on, baby!” to Ginger within.

Finally, he freed her, and the pup, though obviously shaken by her ordeal, was otherwise unharmed.

The Rhodeses and Redmond “truly appreciate all their hard work, dedication, and compassion in an often thankless job,” accordingto KHQA, in reference to the dutiful city workers especially Brian, who did not hesitate, even when his hands were being scraped by the ground during his hunt for Ginger.

Hopefully the dachshund avoids holes like this going forward, but luckily, the couplenow knows exactly whom to call if it ever happens again!

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