Ever Notice How Guys Who Don’t Have Red Hair Grow Reddish Beards? Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered why you, a partner, or a friend has a red beard but doesn’t have red hair? We finally have the answer!

The reason lies deep in the genes of our distant ancestors. MC1R, the gene responsible for converting red pigment into dark pigment, creates red hair when it’s mutated. In order to have red hair, a person must inherit a mutated MC1R gene from both parents. Men, however, only need to have one of these mutated genes to grow a red beard.

Seeing someone who has a red beard but does not have red hair is about twice as likely as seeing a true redhead.

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Why? Well, it’s a lot more likely to receive one mutated MC1R gene than two. To be a true ginger, a person must inherit two of these genes, one from each parent.

Women may have one mutated MC1R gene and never know. Testosterone, on the other hand, can produce a rather handsome red beard! Even this dachshund approves.

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