Deaf Dachshund Surrendered To The Shelter Learns Sign Language — AWW!

When Bob the dachshund was dropped off at the shelter, volunteers knew he had some issues.

His family brought him from Hungary to the United Kingdom, but they didn’t know how to deal with the fact that he had problems balancing and walking in addition to being deaf. The shelter workers at the Mayhew Animal Home sprung into action, teaching him house manners like walking on a leash and potty training.

They knew they would have to do something special to teach him commands, though, so they came up with a genius idea.

Watch as Bob expertly performs tricks using sign language cues. Too cute!

(via Metro)

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If you’re in the United Kingdom and feel you can offer Bob a loving and attentive home, he’s now up for adoption. Be sure to share his inspirational story with all your dog-loving friends, too!

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