Dad Asks The Babies, Who Ate My Shoe? But They Both Refuse To Admit To The Crime

A dog without a bone is like a baby without its binky. So when youre home alone and without a bone handy to chew on, your next resort is going to town on your owners shoes naturally!

In a case of Who Done It? two adorable dogs, a shiny, gray pit bull and a long-coated dachshund were confronted with a tough question who was guilty of chewing up their owners insole?

In a hilarious viral video, Argentine dog owner Daniel Martino (from the city of Tortuguitas in Greater Buenos Aires) gently interrogates the two canines, who act like they are two little naughty kids being confronted by their parents.

When there is no response, the two suspects look away. Then Martino throws the insole on the floor. That’s when his pit bull can no longer take the pressure and cracks! Guilty and ashamed, he turns and attempts to hide behind a potted plant.

Meanwhile, the dachshund holds his ground, sits firm, and stares down Martino.

“No, it wasn’t you, was it?” he says in Spanish as the guilty party becomes more transparent.

Mr., you over there, did you do this? I am talking to you, look at me,” Martino says to the pit bull who just cant contain his guilt.

Just when the dachshund thinks hes in the clear, not so fast! No smooth sailing here!

“You’re an accomplice in all of this,” adds the owner.

So if one goes down, they all go down with the ship!

It should also be noted that some people are accusing this dog owner of abusing his dogs. Martino responded and was slightly offended at the remark he was being silly with his two dogs and just wanted to share that silliness with the world. He treats his pets with respect, even whenthey chew up his shoe!

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