Big Yellow Lab Pushes Tiny Dachshund Out Of The Bed

Much like humans, dogs can be best friends, or enemies, of course. I think we allhope that if we have more than one dog, that they coexist in a peaceful manner (and hopefully are caught dancing here and there).While these two dogs we’re about to see might be prettypeaceful… I might categorize them as frenemies.

This big yellow Lab and tiny brown dachshund are lying on what looks like ahugebed, definitely big enough for the two of them.

But all of a sudden, the Lab senses that the tiny pup is there, too and well, it doesn’t really fly with him.

This is a cute and subtle showing of what seems to be the alpha dog in this household. The fact that it was caught on tape tells me that this might happen a bit too often, too.This might be a representationofwhat a lot of us may want to do when we just want alone time.

After watching this, I think that if this big dog was asked if his little brother stole the cookies,he’d rat him out in a second! Don’t you think?


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