Horse And Puppy Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever!

We all love it whendogs become friends with different animals,but nothing beats this beautiful friendship between Benelli the English Cocker spaniel and his horse buddy, Jazz.

These two just love to play together, and their unique friendship was recently documented by Liane Brown Photography. While Brown had started by taking photographs of the pair nuzzled up and cuddling together, she eventually turned on her camera to capture the action for everyone to see.

The two unusual BFFs have a beautiful relationship. As the dog sits atop the rocks, posing proudly, the horse sneaks up behind him and gives him a kiss!

“It was a very special moment the day they made friends,” Liane Brown told LittleThings.

Nature works in such beautiful ways. Its amazing to see theunlikely bond formed between Tammy and Stormy. This isn’t the first special inter-species bond, two of the many weve featured before includethe abandoned pit bull puppy was adopted by a cat or the monkey who was adopted by a dog!

“It was a very special moment the day they made friends,” photographer Liane Brown told LittleThings.


This puppy soon discovered a horse pal would fill its life with warmth, love and endless amounts of cuteness!


This horse shows love for his puppy friend with lots of kisses and nuzzles.


Captured in these adorable photographs is proof that a dog can be a horse’s best friend too.


God’s cutest creatures can make some adorable unlikely friendships. Here’s proof we can all get along if we have a good heart!


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