Animal Buddies: 17 Pairs Of Adorable Friends Youd Never Expect To See

If there’s one thing animals can teach us humans, it’s how to love someone else unconditionally even if they don’t happen to be in the same species as us!

Not only do our pets showtheir affection forusbyrushing to greet us as soon as we get home from a long day, or cuddling up with us when we’re feeling under the weather, but they have the incredible ability to form lifelong friendships withcompletely different animals.

Sometimes, they find a best buddy that we never saw coming, like the unusual pairings found below. Whether it’s a domestic poochforming a bond with a more wild animal or simply setting aside the old battle between cats and dogs, it’s always amazingto see just how much these creatures can care for one another.

I honestly can’t decide which of these twosomes makes me smile more! I’m just glad their owners decided to share all the cuteness with the rest of us, too.

Take a look to see if your favorite unexpected pals made the list. And don’t forget to SHARE these sweetfriendswith yourloved ones!

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1. Cat And Dog


The term might be “fighting like cats and dogs,” but this duo loves getting up close and personal.

2. Cat And Bearded Dragon


Charles the lizard and Baby the cat really can’t get enough of one another.

3. Cat And Llama


A farm cat is definitelyused to being around other animals, but who knew she would take such a liking to a llama?

4. Dog And Goat


Farley the dog helped nurse this goat back to health, and now they are great friends!

5. Cat And Bear


This cat and bear cub are an adorable but unusual animal pairing.

6. Dog And Pig


This sweet pig is in hog heaven with his precious puppy bestie!

7. Warthog And Puppy


Piggy the warthog was orphaned as a tiny baby, but you’d never know it by how much fun he has with his pal Nikita.

8. Kangaroo And Wombat


Max the joey loves looking after his baby brother Digger at their sanctuary down under.

9. Mule And Goat


Lunaloves taking rides with her rambunctious buddy Rapunzel.

10. Chicken And Pit Bull


Maggieis always ready for a snuggle session with her chicken partner in crime, Rosie.

11. Fox And Dog


In Juniper’s eyes, she’s just a regular dog like her adopted mommy, Moose.

12. Donkey And Goose


After both Buband Goose lost their lifelong partners, they helped lift each others’ spirits as constant companions.

13. Squirrel And Dog


When Compton fell through the ceiling of his rescuer’s home, he also foundfriendship intheirprecious pooch.

14. Cat And Monkey


Horace the monkey never says no tobeing the big spoon with his favorite feline friend.

15. Cow And Pig


Lulualways helpedBaby the blind cow find her way around the farm.

16. Dog And Genet


Candy the cocker spaniel instantly bonded with her adoptedgenet baby.

17. Dog And Plover


After Plucky lost her mom, Boof became her favorite place to perch and friend to share food with.

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