When They Found Her, The Fact That She Only Had 3 Legs Was The Least Of Her Issues

Sadly, dogs get abandoned every single day.

And if they’re sick or living with a disability, their chance of survival goes way down when they’re forced to care for themselves. For Princess, a chihuahua found right outside someone’s home, the situation was dire.

Not only was Princess missing a leg, she was also severely anemic and infested with painful fleas. Fortunately, a neighbor who noticed the dog outside called some good Samaritans to come and help out.

Watch as Princess undergoes an amazing transformation right in front of your eyes.

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What a sweetie. Princess is now available to adopt through Smooch Pooch Rescue, and you can bet that if I lived in Southern California, she’d be coming home with me. Share her inspirational story with all the animal lovers in your life!

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