11 Sassy Small Dogs Who Let Their Fellow Pets Know Whos Boss

While growing up, my parents always accused me of being jealous of my “younger sister” also known as the petite Maltese poodle they adopted just before my senior year of high school.

I always denied their allegations, but I can see now where they were coming from when I look back. I can’t say whether it’s becauseshe has a big personalityor because my parents may or may not have spoiled her as a puppy (they did), but she has always walked around on her four tiny feet like she owns any room she steps into.

Of course todayI see it as one of the many charms smaller dogs are blessed with, but as my first experience with a little pup, it definitely took me by surprise. If I evermeet any of the cuties you’ll find below, however, I will instantly be able to recognize their hilariously “large” personalities.

Does your teensy canine have their own silly way of making sure they’re the boss?

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1. Her Appetite Is Bigger Than She Is


2. Even Fellow Little Pups Can’t Catch A Break


3. Found The Perfect Place To Sit


4. Creature Of Comfort


5. Did I Say You Could Move?


6. She Will Never Surrender


7. No Peeking


8. Oh, Did You Want This?


9. He Heard What The Cat Said Behind His Back


10. Sorry, This Seat’s Taken


11. Is That Really The Best You Can Do?


Do you have a small fry who believes they’re the king or queen of the castle? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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