Vet Takes Bulldog Into Surgery And Pulls Rock Out Of His Stomach That Could Have Killed Him

Has your dog ever swallowed something they weren’t supposed to? I’m going to assume that the answer is yes, because no matter how well trained they are, if our furry babies find something foreign and tasty smelling (or looking)there’s no stopping them.

One of my own dogs just ate my chapstick yesterday, and I was terrified of what the chemicals inside it could do to her tiny stomach. It turns out my 10-pound cockapoo hasastomach of steel; apparently, she’s absolutely fine!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, which is where our beloved veterinarians come in. Whether we can’t figure out what’s wrong with our dog, or we know and we just have no clue how to help them, we resort to these men and women who devote their lives to saving and helping our pets.

One, in particular, is Dr. Jeff Young. He’s better known as “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet,” and works out of his practice in Denver.

When he met the adorable, mushy bulldog, he found something pretty scary inside of hima rock, that looked like the size of his hand!

As if that’s not enough, it was lodged in this dog’s stomach, and if he didn’t perform surgery to take it out, it could have killed him if it made it to his liver!

Dogs may be our best friends, but sometimes I wish they were a little smarter with their dieting, don’t you think? Thank goodness this beautiful dog is all better now. As he walks out of the office, he looks like nothing even happened!

The clips from surgery are a bit graphic, so prepare yourself if you choose to watch the video to see his recovery.

Warning: Some viewers may find materialgraphic.

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