Pink Bedsheets Start Moving Across The Kitchen Floor, Then Familys Dog Reveals Himself

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and seen something, well, not alivemoving about?

If not, you might not have a pet or a kid, because they clearly keep things interesting.

In the hilarious video below, one mom starts to record something freaky going on in her kitchen. It looks like a pile of pink sheets at first, but then it starts moving and grooving across her floor.

In your head, you might think it was her kids, or maybe her husband trying to entertain her. But, nope it turns out their adorable English bulldog Lilo was the one who wanted to get in on some fun.

As the sheets inch across the floor, Mom continues to record the sheets. Eventually, Lilo reveals herself and you might find her cute face even more enjoyable than this silly moment where laundry comes alive.

Mom clearly doesn’t mind that Lilo got a kick out of her bedsheets,but they definitely might need a bit of laundry detergent after this usage! After all, you are supposed to wash your sheets every week, right?

What’s the funniest thing your dog (or kids) have ever done? Let us know in the comments below!

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