Dog Dad Practices Pink Floyd On A Guitar, But His Bulldog Tries To Steal The Show

Dogs are such scene-stealers sometimes.

While they may seem innocent enough, my theory is that they love being in front of the camera and will find any excuse to get some screen time.

Take, for example, this big baby who refused to get into his crate and go to bed:sure, it may appear that he’s just being difficult, but I think he knew to ham it up in front of the camera.

Pooches may love the spotlight, but can you blame them? They are so adorable, cuddly, cute, and generally more compelling than their human costars they can’t help but steal the scene.

This is definitely the case for Winston, an adorably underbite-laden bulldog, and his guitar-wielding owner.

The video opens with the two on the couch while the owner practices Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”

Then Winston decides to take center stage by belting out his own bark-able lyrics, mixed with the most adorable little gurgles.

I guarantee that you’ve never heard a noise quite like the one that this songbird bulldog makes. In fact, I think these two should take their show on the road Winston has a singing style that’s truly all his own.

You’ll definitely want to watch the entire clip of this pair’s duet to one of the best songs in rock-and-roll history.

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