Cute Baby Bulldog Tugs On Rope Leading Horse Best Friend On A Walk

It’s always interesting to see relationships between 2 various species. For this bulldog and her horse friend, a casual walk can develop into a day loaded with enjoyable fun.

In the video listed below, the tiny pretty bulldog discovers a thick green rope hanging from a brown horse’s harness. Then, she takes a chance and runs with it.

The pup takes the green rope in between her teeth and begins walking. Eventually, her horse friend realizes she is attempting to guide him for a relaxing walk and he chooses to go along with her silliness.

The two of them gradually make their way down a corridor in the horse’s stable as “Ours” by Taylor Swift plays in the background. The baby bulldog is thrilled to blaze a trail, pulling her buddy as she goes.

Soon, they approach an open door, and the puppy runs inside with the rope. Sadly, her horse pal keeps strolling in the same direction and does not even look towards the room. Perhaps he’s letting her have one more chance to be his walker.

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