Beagle Sneezes All Day Long For 6 Months Straight Until X-Ray Reveals 6-Inch Twig Up His Nose

It’s always tough when something is wrong with your pet and you can’t quite pinpoint the problem. Normally they’ll do their best to show you where it hurts, or you can see them favoring a certain body part and you know that the issue must be there.

Then it’s off to the vet for a solution and some peace of mind.

But sometimes, the issue is beyond even your pet’s comprehension, and they’re the one that it’s happening to!

When that happens, it’s a scary game of guess and check that seems to get more frantic the longer it goes on, and the longer that your little one is suffering from the unknown ailment.

For Mark Kovicak, his beagle Rex ran out of the woods one day and was completely changed. Not only was he sneezing constantly and having daily nosebleeds, but he just didn’t seem OK.

It was then that Kovicak got the vet involved. After a round of antibiotics failed to cure Rex, the dog had an X-ray done to take a deeper look at his nose.

Unbelievably, the X-ray revealed a 6-inch twig had gotten lodged in Rex’s nose and it had been there for six long months.

Vets extracted the twig and Rex went right back to being himself, much to Kovicak’s relief!

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Photo credit: Facebook/Mark Kovicak

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